Format for the Singles event

Pro-Am Series

Singles format

  • £20 entry for Men or Ladies.
  • Singles qualifiers will commence on Thursday afternoon. Players simply ‘pay and play’ and must win two matches to qualify for the main singles event, to start Friday evening. Last entry will be 11.30pm, so players have plenty of time to arrive on the Thursday and enter.
  • Qualifiers are best of 5 frames.
  • Players from the same team will not be drawn together in the qualifiers.
  • Main event will be a random draw.
  • Main event will be best of 5 frames, with finals being best of 7.
  • Main Men’s event will be limited to 64 players and Ladies 16 players.
  • If there is high demand for the singles, there may be a prelim round on the Friday.

Penalty Shootout Rule

  • The black ball is placed on the spot at the rack end of the table.
  • Player can position cue ball anywhere behind the baulk line.
  • Player must pot the black ball, using one shot, to score a goal.
  • If the black ball fails to pot, or the white ball is potted or a foul is committed, then the penalty is considered a miss.
  • An order of play sheet with only four players must be created and followed.
  • If score is a draw after all shots taken, then a sudden death round begins, following the original order of play sheet.
  • Both players must take their shot – i.e. if player one misses, then their opponent must take their shot and pot to win.
  • In sudden death round, the cue ball can be placed anywhere behind the line.

Other formats


Mixed Doubles