Team entry criteria

Pro-am Series

2024 ‘Pro-Am Series’ Entry Requirements

  • Entry fee is £125 per team.
  • Teams must have minimum 4 players and maximum 8 players.
  • Only one professional player per team*.
  • A player is deemed ‘Professional’ if they have played as a professional player in any cue sports genre, within two years from the date of their team application. This includes playing as a professional in any Ultimate Pool event.
  • All players must live within 15 miles of each other – exceptions to the rule can be applied for, but will not be granted for professional players or players of exceptionally high ability.
  • Ladies are excluded from the geographical rule.

*Some teams may have more than one professional player at the date of the tournament, but only in the circumstance that a registered player has turned ‘Professional’ between the date the team registered and the date of the tournament.