Team entry criteria

Novice Series

2024 ‘Novice Series’ Entry Requirements

Our aim is to make this a true novice event, bringing the less skilful or experienced players together, to play competitive pool with the chance to win something.  We have been tightening up on the team entry criteria over the years, to try and deter the better players from entering, and will continue to review the entry criteria if we feel the standard is getting too high. 


  • Entry fee is £90 per team.
  • Teams must have minimum 3 players and maximum 6 players.
  • There are no geographical rules for player entry.
  • Past winners of the Novice Series Gold Team Trophy, Doubles and Singles CAN now re-enter the Novice Series. We have changed the rules, so winners can come back and defend their titles. But, if you win the same main event twice, then you will not be allowed to enter any further Golden 8 Ball or BAPTO novice events.  Winners must progress to the Pro-Am event.
  • Maximum ONE PAST male ‘County A’ player per team (some exceptions may apply).
  • Exceptions to the PAST County A rule can be applied for and we will evaluate the players ability on their playing history. If they are not deemed County A standard, then this type of player can be excluded from the rule. For instance, if a player has played County A only a few times to help out, but would normally be a County B or C standard, then this type of player could be excluded from the rule. Also if no County B team existed so a player had to play at County A level, then we would also consider this. We understand that there can be situations where a player has played at County A level, but is not County A standard.
  • Players that have won £1,000 or more in prize money, as an individual or as part of a team, at a recognised pool event, are not allowed to enter the ‘Novice Series’.
  • Players that have won the BAPTO Amateur 5-Player men’s or ladies singles, doubles or the  main Team Trophy title.
  • Players that have won singles, doubles or Gold trophy at the Golden 8 Ball Pro/Am event.
  • No high-stake money match players – any player that has played a match for £5k or more.
  • No professional or ex-professional players, of any cue sports genre.
  • No players that have ever played at an Ultimate Pool or IPA event, as either a professional or amateur.
  • No international players or ex-international players.
  • Exceptions to the rule may be granted to those aged 17 and under, at time of team registration.
  • Lady players may be granted exceptions to the county rule or international rule, depending on their ability.
  • This is a novice player tournament, no players of exceptionally high ability allowed to enter.
  • Tournament committee will decide if a player is too good for this event, based on their playing history.
  • Players who bring the tournament into disrepute or do not play in the spirit of the game are not welcome to enter.
  • Right of admission is reserved. This is a private event and the organisers decision is final.