Format for the Open Doubles event

Novice Amateur Series

Need to knows

How much is the entry fee for the Open Doubles event?

£25.00 per pair

Who can enter the Open Doubles event?

This event is open to Men, Ladies and Juniors players from the Novice Amatuer Series

What time will the Open Doubles event commence?

The exact timings of the Open Doubles event will be announced during the weekend

Open Doubles Format

  • Open Doubles will be played in a ‘Davies Cup’ format, best of 5 frames.
  • Player A from each pair play Player B from each opposing pair in a singles format for the first two frames, then the 3rd frame is played in a ‘Scotch’ doubles format, where partners must take alternate shots, the final two frames played in a singles format is Player A v Player A then Player B v Player B.
  • No talking between partners during frames, apart from the 3rd ‘Scotch’ doubles frame, when you must stop talking once your visit is on and have touched the table.

Other formats

Open Singles

Team Format