Format for the Team event

Pro-Am Series

Team Format

  • Entry fee is £125 per team.
  • Teams divided into groups of 4 to play a round robin. Each match consists of 12 frames – 3 sets of 4 frames.
  • Teams score 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.   Frame difference ranks teams with equal points. Teams are seeded for the knockout stages.
  • Top 2 teams from each group enter the Gold Trophy knockout, with first round losers dropping into the Silver Trophy knockout.
  • Bottom 2 teams from each group enter the Bronze Trophy knockout, with first round losers dropping into the Wooden Spoon knockout.
  • Best of 12 knockout stages for all trophies – Gold, Silver, Bronze and Wooden Spoon.
  • If a tie occurs during knockout, then teams go to a penalty shootout.

Penalty Shootout Rule

  • The black ball is placed on the spot at the rack end of the table.
  • Player can position cue ball anywhere behind the baulk line.
  • Player must pot the black ball, using one shot, to score a goal.
  • If the black ball fails to pot, or the white ball is potted or a foul is committed, then the penalty is considered a miss.
  • An order of play sheet with only four players must be created and followed.
  • If score is a draw after all shots taken, then a sudden death round begins, following the original order of play sheet.
  • Both players must take their shot – i.e. if player one misses, then their opponent must take their shot and pot to win.
  • In sudden death round, the cue ball can be placed anywhere behind the line.

Other formats


Mixed Doubles