Golden 8 Ball COVID-19 Policy

Last updated Thursday 5th, August 2021.
The government have ended restrictions, so by law, there will be no social distancing rules, drinks can be purchased from the bar, masks do not need to be worn indoors and restaurant buffet service will be as normal. But the risk of transmission remains high, and if our staff become ill with Covid, the event risks being shut down, so we still need to be cautious and try to reduce the possibility of transmission. As such, we politely ask players and guests to respect and follow our Covid policy rules to help keep the event safe as possible.

Important Information

We will refuse entry to anyone suspected of having Covid, showing Covid symptoms, has tested positive or has been contacted and asked to self-isolate by the NHS Test & Trace service.

Please respect our staff and the hotel staff; these are challenging and stressful conditions for them to be working in. Abuse will not be tolerated. Players refusing to adhere to our Covid policy or being rude, difficult, or abusive towards staff, risk being banned from the event.

There is a risk you could contract covid by attending our event. We have a covid policy in place to reduce this risk and help protect the health of our staff and players, but we cannot eliminate the risk and do not guarantee a risk-free event. All players, spectators and staff attend the event at their own risk.

Covid Symptoms or Testing Positive

  • Any player with symptoms of Covid, has tested positive in a lateral flow or PCR test, or has been asked to isolate by NHS Test & Trace, must not attend the event.
  • We ask all players and guests to conduct their own lateral flow tests, before leaving home. Anyone who tests positive must not attend the event and should contact us ASAP.
  • Any attendee that starts developing Covid symptoms at the event should self-isolate in their room and inform a member of staff ASAP – please do not come into the venue. Their team should contact us immediately and not enter the venue until we have risk assessed the situation and conducted lateral flow tests.
  • If an attendee has suspected or confirmed Covid 19 – they will be asked to leave the event and self-isolate in line with NHS guidelines and to take a PCR test.
  • We will refuse entry to anyone with suspected or confirmed Covid 19.
  • Where possible, we will offer a supervised lateral flow test to those with suspected Covid.
  • We may ask attendees to conduct a supervised lateral flow test before they can gain entry to the event. We have the right to refuse entry to those that decline a supervised lateral flow test, with no refunds given.
  • Any player or attendee that tests positive with a lateral flow test will not be allowed entry to the event. The positive player must remain isolated from the rest of the team and should follow NHS guidelines. Their team will be risk assessed by our Covid trained staff and given further instructions.
  • Any players or guests that share a room or have been in close contact with someone who tests positive or has Covid symptoms, must not enter the venue, and should contact a member of staff ASAP to be risk assessed and given further instructions.
  • Any player or guest that is contacted directly by NHS Test & Trace during the event, must inform a member of staff and leave the venue immediately. They must follow the instructions of NHS Test & Trace.
  • Call NHS – 111 for help and advice if you are unsure what to do or are worried about your symptoms. See NHS website for list if current Covid recognised symptoms.
  • Any attendee that tests positive or shows symptoms, must either self-isolate in their room until their checkout date or leave the hotel. They should seek further advice from NHS Test & Trace.
  • We will do our best to support any player or teams that test positive or develop symptoms of Covid during the event.

Covid Measures

  • We have additional stewards and Covid trained staff for this event.
  • There will be THREE entrances and exits to the arena, kept open to improve ventilation and staffed by our Covid stewards, including the metal shutter doors at the back of the arena. These can be used for smoking.
  • Random temperature checks of people entering the venue.
  • Supervised lateral flow tests are available to attendees and staff.
  • Various hand sanitation points throughout arena and at all entrance points.
  • Pool tables, equipment and cloth will be cleaned and sanitised by our arena staff, throughout the weekend.
  • Balls will be cleaned and sanitised daily using our Regal ball cleaning machine.
  • The arena will be fogged during the event with Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) – totally harmless to humans and most effective at killing the Covid virus.
  • Additional cleaning and sanitising in high traffic areas by the hotel.
  • Perspex screens will be used on the Top Table and team registration desk to help reduce contact between staff and players.
  • Free disposable face masks and hand sanitising solution are available at all entrances.
  • Golden 8 Ball branded masks, visors and bottles of personal hand sanitiser can be purchased from the event stall.
  • All staff are provided with their own masks, visors, and various sanitising solutions – it is the staff members personal choice if they decide to wear a mask or not.
  • We are reducing the space between pool tables, to give spectators more space in the arena.

Event Covid Rules

  • All players and guests must adhere to the Hotels current Covid policy and rules and any current Government policy and rules. Rules may change at short notice.
  • We are not enforcing any rule to say attendees must wear masks in the venue, and it is the individual choice of players, spectators, and staff if they wear a mask or not. However, we do recommend mask wearing when moving round the arena, but this will not be enforced.
  • Please sanitise your hands when entering the restaurant.
  • Please use the free hand sanitiser when entering the venue or after using the toilets.
  • Please keep your distance from others, when possible, especially queuing at bar, Top Table, or team registration. Please avoid gathering in large groups.
  • Only the team manager to come to the team registration and wristband desk, and they must be seated whilst registering their team or getting wristbands.
  • To reduce contact with the Top Table, all match results must be submitted on paper, and all flyer entries will be via an entry form. Only one person from the team to the Top Table – please do not crowd around the TT – protect our staff, they are essential.
  • If you have a disability and require assistance, please make us aware before the event starts.
  • There will be no Jukebox this year, instead we will be playing background music and keeping volume to a minimum, to reduce the need to shout when communicating with staff etc.
  • Very sorry but we must ask that players refrain from shouting and singing, as this has a high risk of spreading the virus and water droplets to those around you. Instead, we suggest humming Sweet Caroline as loud as you can as an alternative to singing!

Event Cancellation, Refunds & Prizes

  • In the unfortunate circumstances that our event is shut down in mid-play for any reason related to Covid, there will be no accommodation refunds, as the hotel will remain open, and guests can continue their stay.
  • If the second weekend is cancelled before it starts, teams can either be refunded or have their team place transferred to 2022.
  • We reserve the right to pay all prizes via bank transfer after the event, if it is not possible to pay prizes at the event, due to Covid complications.
  • All entry fees and wristband refunds are at the discretion of the tournament organisers.
  • We reserve the right to refund after the event, via bank transfer.
  • Tournament organisers decision is final.