Format for the Team event

Novice Amateur Series

Need to knows

How much is the entry fee for the team event?

Entry fee is £90.00 per team.

What time will the team event commence?

The team event ‘Round Robin’ stage starts at 9am on Friday morning.

Novice Series Team Format

  • All teams to play minimum 37 frames of pool before they can be knocked out.
  • Minimum 3 players per team and maximum 6 players.
  • Teams divided into groups of 4 to play a round robin. Each match consists of 9 frames – 3 sets of 3 frames.
  • Fixed order of play – all players to play each other once.
  • Players 1, 2 and 3 must remain those players throughout the match.
  • Reserve players can be used in sets 2 and 3. 
  • Players can be substituted for a reserve player on order of play sheet at any time.
  • Players can only play each other once, in any match, apart from the sub.
  • Winning team receives 2 points for a win. Frame difference will be used for teams tied on points.
  • If a tie still occurs, then a penalty shootout will decide the winner.
  • Teams must remain present in the arena until final group results are announced, as they may be required to play a penalty shootout. Teams not present will forfeit their penalty shootout match and be deemed the losers.
  • Teams are seeded for the knockout stages.
  • Top 2 teams from each group enter the Gold Trophy knockout, with first round losers dropping into the Silver Trophy knockout.
  • Bottom 2 teams from each group enter the Bronze Trophy knockout, with first round losers dropping into the Wooden Spoon knockout.
  • Best of 9 knockout stages for all trophies.

Other formats

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