Accepted teams

Pro-Am Series tournament

Teams that have been accepted for the 2023 Pro-Am Series tournament

Any teams suspected of breaking the team entry criteria rules, must be reported to the organisers several weeks before the event starts, so we have time to investigate and allow the team concerned to make any required changes or dispute the accusation.  Any team reported at the event will be investigated but for borderline cases, we will not take action during the event, unless it is blatant, undisputable rule breaking. Team data is purposely made public to allow teams to be reported in advance of the event, so any issues can be sorted in fair and reasonable manner.  Any team found to be purposely cheating will be banned from future events.  


Mr & Mrs

The Beans

Lucky Kiss

Lucky Kiss RAKS

Happy Days

Ponte Potters

Just The Tip

Carleton Globetrotters

The Beech Boys

Last Train Home

Academy Shotguns

Super Rams


Hit & Hopers

Chalk Dirty To Me

Golden balls

Only Here for the Beer

Cunning Stunts

the empire strikes black

40% Ginger

The Peacock

Blackjack Boys

Where’s Mark

The Ball Breakers

Natural Born Dishers


Curlys Cueing Crew

Johnny’s Boys

Blurred Vision

Pool out and swallow


The Fudgers


4 cowboys and an Indian

1 frame wonders

Belle Vue Aces

Lucky kiss stud puffins

Martini’s On The Rock

Players Lounge Kings

5 very handsome men

Spin Doctors

The Shawside Snipers

Red River Club

Merlin’s magicians A

You’re the boy

cas crusaders

The Barn Barwell

Cues ya daddy

The Miscueteers

4 Kings and 1 Queen

Aeros Bubbles

George & Dragon

Farmer bitches

Allsorts of Hangovers

Ugly but awesome

Stratton Strollers

New Swan

Lucky kiss misfits

Northampton stormtroopers

Old but Gold

Henty arms

butchers arms

Cueball Derby

Shom shom bum shuffles

Flame throwers

The Peoples Elbow

Bubba’s Babes

Red river raiders


The Misfits

Merlins magicians B


Q8 all the pies

Con Men

Pocket Munchers

Not a cue

Savanna’s shooters


Lady and the tramps

Con artists

Lost souls

Kizzlers Round

Wardles pool

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Denbigh All Stars

Sink The Beers then Balls

It’s John’s Round

Corn Exchange

Nigels numpteys

Wilde Boys


North Star Club


The Swanettes

Only pool & horses

Second Hand Sex Toys


Your worst nightmare

No potters just dossers

The jousters

Team weekes


The Minions

Win or lose on the booze

The Waiters

Bespoke Ballers

Joe Perrys Pool Palace

Rase to the Finish

Foresters Arms

Cobra Qs


Cue Carriers Bredbury

Kitt’s Durham

Forrest flyers