Accepted teams for the 2022 'Novice Series' tournament

‘Novice Series’ Accepted Teams

Any teams suspected of breaking the team entry criteria rules, must be reported to the organisers several weeks before the event starts, so we have time to investigate and allow the team concerned to make any required changes or dispute the accusation.  Any team reported at the event will be investigated but for borderline cases, we will not take action during the event, only if it is blatant rule breaking like a professional player has entered. Team data is purposely made public to allow teams to be reported in advance of the event, so any issues can be sorted in fair and reasonable manner.  Any team found to be purposely cheating will be banned from future events.  


Team name
Four Cues
Plaza Hope Fulls
White Stallions
Fish and his Fingerers
Woolpack Werewolves
Triangle TITanS A
Misfits on a monday
The Harrow Hornets
Red House Rockets
Moor pool
Allsorts of Hangovers
The Frogs
Conny frogs
Aspatria Allstars
Club cues
Bad Egg’s Boys
4 Foreigners and 1 Irish
Norbreckin It
Mr Browns Boys
3 Blue Blind Mancs
Dogger Saints
Greenlands ballbreakers
Howley Helmets
So Solid Cue
Rayleigh Lanes Sports
Just For Fun 2
Power puff girls
Make Mine A Double
Goose Green Ramblers
Can Chimps Play Pool?
Railway Returns
We’re Not Worthy
White Hendre
Westbury Allsorts
Rack N Roll
Tartan Tornados
Abbeytown allstars
Miss Q’s Sports Bar
Stratton Strollers
The Melly Men
Misfits on a tuesday
3 sinners and a saint
Red House Whackers
Balls & Bags
It’s our year
The valley boys are comin
Cumbria all stars
Moor Pool More Beer
Halesowen Hurricanes
2 pokes and a squirt
Chalk It Up
Losers and Boozers
Just here for the beer
The Hunties
A Slem Chance
Diamond Geezers
MaGeCal Mystery Tour
Racks & Liquor
Rookswood Lions
Carleton Globetrotters
The Drinker-Belles
3 Paupers & A Millionaire
Balled Breakers
Misfits on a Wednesday
Good Bunch Of Boys
Shelley Red Red Robins A
The Holmes Boys
Players cushion coverers
hit and hope
The Lions
Mach Cocktail Divas
Misfits on a Thursday
2 Me 2 Q
Triangle TITanS B
Players Lounge Kings
Barrymore’s Pool Party
The Gaters
8 balls of fire
Elite Fizzers
Bank it or spank it
Qs Sports Lounge X
Shelley Red Red Robins B
Triangle TITanS C
Gate Crashers
Two Oak N A Fox
country club b
Nelson’s Columns
Black Balls Matter
4 Lads 8 Balls
More Holley Helmets
Goldilocks and the 3bears
Team Whittle-on-sea
Players 66
country club x
Crucible CueBalls
Off The Rails ‘Grow Up’
The Raiders
Shom Shom Bum Shuffles
ed edd n eddy
Stevie’s Wonders
The Misfits
Here for the beer
Barry Islanders
Pool Runnings
Fox & Hounds
Castle boys
worst team here
Totty con artist
Good, Bad & Ugly
The Original stoppitt
Country Club A
Blurred Vision
Tippy Tappers
Bombs Away
Dick On The Dancefloor
Plaza b
Angry Birds + 2
Cookies Monsters
3 blind mice
For fluke sake
Shropshire steak
the peaches