Accepted teams for the 2022 'Novice Series' tournament

‘Novice Series’ Accepted Teams

Team name Manager

Luke Marlow

Four Cues

John Ogle

Merlin’s Magicians

Alan Kimber

White Stallions

Neil Twist

Woolpack Werewolves

Stuart Lowe

TriangleSquare A

Mark Hutton

Misfits on a monday

David Glen


Gary Skipp

Red House Rockets

Daniel Stevens

Moor pool

James hill


Martyn Gowing

Allsorts of Hangovers

Tracey Diffin

The Frogs

matthew williams

Conny frogs

Thomas Kelly

Aspatria Allstars

Paul Clarke

Club cues

Jason Walker

Bad Egg’s Boys

Mathew Phillips

4 Foreigners and 1 Irish

Sam Robertson


lisa Price

Norbreckin It

Joshua Allen

Mr Browns Boys

Peter Gash

3 Blue Blind Mancs

Craig Farley-jones

Dundee Academy

Ian Doris

So Solid Cue

Keith brewer

Rayleigh Lanes Sports

Gary Benjafield

Just For Fun 2

Glenn Coley

Power puff girls

Caroline Hastie

Make Mine A Double

Gavin Porritt

Goose Green Ramblers

Rob Canning

Can Chimps Play Pool?

Stuart Lowe

Railway Returns

Robert Jordan

We’re Not Worthy

Michael Holding

Westbury Allsorts

Paul Angell


Stuart Jones

Rack N Roll

Dan Park

Tartan Tornados

Graeme Lawrence

Bros without Matt Goss

Karl Day

Abbeytown allstars

Beeby Bell

Manchester Resurrection

Guy Roles

Stratton Strollers

Rich Fleet

The New Melbourne

Dean Worthington

Misfits on a tuesday

David Glen

Red House Whackers

Paul Evans

Balls & Bags

Mark Wilson

It’s our year

Neil Baker

The valley boys are comin

Richard Evans


Alex Moody

Moor Pool More Beer

Paul Haydon


Gary Jackman

Halesowen Hurricanes


2 pokes and a squirt

Robert Penfold


Owen Bruce

Chalk It Up

Dave Whittaker

Red lion

Lee Cruse

Just here for the beer

Wesley Collett

The Hunties

Eddie Hunt

A Slem Chance

Terry Stafford

The Good, The Bad & Besty

Dale Brydon

Racks & Liquor

Philip Belshaw

Rookswood Lions

Claire Smith

Carleton Globetrotters

Jarrod Lythgoe

The Drinker-Belles

Rebekah Williamson

Ball’d Breakers

Ben Ralphs

Misfits on a Wednesday

David Glen

Good Bunch Of Boys

Gareth Morgan

Red Red Robin

Matthew Benson

The Holmes Boys

Darren Holmes

Players cushion coverers

Danny Hunt

hit and hope

Philip Dooley

The Lions

Barry Badcock

Mach Cocktail Divas

Wendy Edwards

Misfits on a Thursday

David Glen

2 Me 2 Q

John McGregor

TriangleSquare B

Kevin Picton

Players Lounge Kings

Martin Horrocks

Barrymore’s Pool Party

Terry Stafford

The Monumentals

Jamie Breakspear

8 balls of fire

Adam Pickles

Elite Fizzers

Mark Holmes

Bank it or spank it

Chris Wilson

Qs Sports Lounge X

ian sheldon

Bob Bob Bobbing

Ricky Smith

TriangleSquare C

Carl Stephenson

Monumentally Bad

Fritz Johnsen


Peter Quale

Two Oak N A Fox

Paul Halliwell

country club b

richard begley