Accepted teams

Novice Series tournament

Teams that have been accepted for the 2023 Novice Series tournament


Any teams suspected of breaking the team entry criteria rules, must be reported to the organisers several weeks before the event starts, so we have time to investigate and allow the team concerned to make any required changes or dispute the accusation.  Any team reported at the event will be investigated but for borderline cases, we will not take action during the event, unless blatant, serious rule breaking is found to have happened. Team data is purposely made public to allow teams to be reported in advance of the event, so any issues can be sorted in fair and reasonable manner.  Any team found to be purposely cheating will be banned from future events. 

Just for fun

Manager: David Warnes
Captain: Glen Coley
Vice captain: Martin Boucher
Player 3: David Warnes
Player 4:
Optional player 5:
Optional player 6:

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