It’s been a great story so far!

The Golden 8 Ball is a small family run business started by Rob & Sharon back in 2010.

Inspired by other prestigious tournaments such as the Grand National in France and BAPTO, the Golden 8 Ball vision became a reality thanks to Rob’s existing involvement in the cue sports industry.

Our first event in June 2011 only attracted 28 teams and heavy financial losses were made, casting doubts over the feasibility of the tournament. But feedback from players that attended was so positive, we felt we had something special and should persist.

Our gut feeling was right as the 2012 event grew to 56 teams, and from that year, we knew the tournament had a potential future, even though it was still running at a financial loss.

In 2013 Greene King became involved, submitting 14 teams and giving the event a boost. This time a total of 97 teams entered and the event cemented itself on the pool calendar.

In 2014 we partnered with BAPTO and purchased 34 SAM Atlantic tables, covered in Hainsworth Precision cloth and graced with Super Aramith Pro balls, to give our players – ‘The Ultimate Playing Experience’. The event continued its growth pattern with 127 teams attending.

By 2015 we couldn’t believe how much the weekend was growing in popularity and had a record breaking 135 teams attend. This year we introduced a Junior Singles trophy and added more tables.

In 2016 Golden 8 Ball fever was rampant and word of the event had spread as far as Malta and Spain. The tournament was full within a few days of opening team registrations and a record 144 teams attended, with many teams unable to secure a place. 42 tables were now in use and Specsavers had become official sponsors of the referees.

Our Philosophy

The ethos of Golden 8 Ball is to create a relaxed, friendly event, that mimics a pub environment, with loud music, lighting, fun atmosphere and plenty of pool and beer. We want teams of all abilities to play as much pool as possible, and structure the event in such a way that teams end up playing other teams of similar ability in the final stages.

More than just a tournament, the Golden 8 Ball is a mini holiday, an extended weekend away with your friends or partners, where good times and memories are created and shared.

These pool events are a community of likeminded people, who just love playing pool and never tire of it.  Age, sex, race, nationality becomes irrelevant – others only see you as a fellow pool player, and judge you by your ability to play and your demeanour around the pool table.

We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and are free of draconian pool politics. Not linked to any pool associations, the G8B is a private event that endorses Blackball rules as the favoured rule set.

We believe all pool is good pool and welcome players of all abilities, from all pool associations and all countries, providing they come with the right attitude – to play within the spirit of the game and have a fun weekend away!

We pride ourselves on listening to players’ feedback and constructive criticism to help improve future events. We are continually reinvesting profits to better the event and to promote the game of pool in general; as a fun, community spirited sport, that can be accessed by anyone. We believe the more people that play pool, the better it is for the sport overall.

We are driven by how much people enjoy the G8B event. It feels like we’ve created something special that others love to be a part of and get excited about. It couldn’t happen without the support of all our staff and you, the players. The love of pool brings us all together for the Golden 8 Ball weekend, and long may it continue!

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