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Special needs tournament

We are excited to announce our first ever ‘Special Needs’ event, making the festival of pool truly open to any player, regardless of their skill level or ability. Pool is a great community sport to be enjoyed by all, and we want anyone who loves playing pool to be able to experience the magic of the Golden 8 Ball.

The great advantage of our Special Needs Weekend is that players can either enter individually and be put into teams when they arrive, or come as a team.

  • To be held same weekend as Amateur event
  • An area of the arena will be dedicated to the special needs tournament
  • Arrive Thursday 7th June and depart Sunday 10th June (3 night stay)
  • 3 player team event – format to be decided once numbers confirmed, we guarantee to follow the Golden 8 Ball ethos of delivering plenty of pool
  • Singles knockout – best of 7
  • £40 Special Needs entry fee per person – includes team and single entry

  • Special Needs players can also enter flyers, singles and doubles of the main event

  • Trophies for winners and runners up

  • Prize fund subject to entries